Dirge Of Passing


Dirge Of Passing

I am from another time

this one it’s yours and not mine,

where I’m from I won’t say

passing through, I won’t stay.


Sadness keeps company well when no other company I keep

moments, brief ones filled with regrets, and those I regret

for wasted life has no place in words, a thousand words set

in books never written, when others written make me weep.


I am from another land

this one it’s yours where I stand,

where I’m from I won’t say

passing through, I won’t stay.


Soon life will lose its attraction, attracted I was (am) to the mind

of poets and dreamers, but dreamers fade into dreams weaved

by their own search for love, when love is missed and grieved

if needed to create beauty, the beauty between words we find.


I am from another place

this one it’s yours to embrace,

where I’m from I won’t say

passing through, I won’t stay.


Of Time and Fears


Of Time and Fears


“It is not death but time I fear”

he said with sadness reflected eyes

and truth behold when feed the lies

of what we are or shall become

when death is near.

“And what is love we hold so dear?”

Ah, if love could only forever last,

It felt like rain in warm mid-spring

a gentle breeze, a storm now past.

“But what will be when we are done?”

We were but dust and dust alone

when love and life is just a fling

that leave a trace so hard to follow,

just taste the sweet and bitter swallow

for then one day the end will come

and it’s not death but time we fear.







One last look, the fading of dreams come morning

dissipates in the light where shadows forming

at night bring fears- not enough time to learn

the meaning, things past, holding on to the yearn

of new love, and a touch, and a kiss, and goodbyes.

One last look, understanding the truth behind lies

reflected an image conceived in the darkness

for in blindness, closed eyes can bring sharpness

to the heart, to the mind of a tired old soul.

Once was young, now I’m old, sometimes cold

wraps the heart stripping hope for new day

when my dreams slowly fade and won’t stay.

One last look, for the love always hide in plain sight

blindness set on a distance, nights incite,

lost in dreams dissipating in light.



Another Day


Another Day


Wrapped in the warm of today

slowly dropping life’s bread crumbs

to return another day

if coldness finds me once more.

And approaching distant shore

every step I take becomes

easier with the right direction

as I set sail again and again

if how does not matter but when

I will reach my destination.







Floating above nor asleep or awaked

the in between where at times we fall

a magical moment of awaken illusions-

Were you a ghost or just mind intrusions?

White puffiness of clouds floated

smoke dissipating in between fingers

but getting closer to my bed I dared

and blew you softly away with a smile

for allowing a touch not prepared.

Were you a ghost that sometimes lingers?

As the whiteness of smoke took shape

and I smiled with a slight recognition

for what was a gentle apparition

dissipating in the night once awaked.


(Lucid dreams usually occur while a person is in the middle of a normal dream and suddenly realizes that they are dreaming. This is called a dream-initiated lucid dream. A wake-initiated lucid dream occurs when you go from a normal waking state directly into a dream state, with no apparent lapse in consciousness. In either case, the dreams tend to be more bizarre and emotional than regular dreams. Most importantly, you will have at least some ability to control your “dream self” and the surrounding dream)






I wander in search of a better self-

spirit broken but redeemed every sunrise

for every night I dwell on sins

of past and present,

but every morning I wake and rise

and life begins.

No answers left in dreams but how I try

when visit every place

and every night

the searching leaves a trace

to follow in my search for better self.






A desperation to grasp what is left of my life

keeps me awake for fear of sleep

since sleep is like death every night.

I reach out to hold what pass me by

but memories become of my wingless flight

when awake and alone I desperately try

to keep away darkness praying for the light.






I will look no more

stripped of desire my dreams will dissolve

into a sewer of leftover ones

discarded by many,

and only to appear in places like this

where they will be stored

among electronic bits.

I will take a few, if the time comes

when thirsty for life

I may kindly devolve

the ones that exist

but only in my words

if any,

for I’ll look no more.






A stranger I am to my own

an afterimage of a reflection

deceived by poems and songs

of who I was, a clone

of my mind-self belongs

only to my own deception.


But none told of the impossibility

walking on clouds a skill

I sought with perfection

discovering my unique inability

to find happiness in my direction

and my empty glass fill.


And when I look up at the sky

I see droplets of crystals and water

instead of castles and giants

while the ground feels hard and dry

I’m no longer defiant

when dreams no longer matter.






I will whisper every dream with my last breath

every wish and every name that crossed my way

I will set free, and all the love I will exhale

to keep it safe as love may last longer than death,

with one last gasp my deepest secrets to betray

my last attempt for who I was for once prevail.