A Road that Twists


A Road that Twists


A road that twists around and round

with every step on wearing ground

I’m farther now from such reprieve

amid my dreams and what achieved.

And time has formed a hardened crust

around my heart that slowly bled

with twists and turns that lay ahead

where I’ll become the shifting dust.


Heaven’s Dreams


Heaven’s Dreams


I wonder if in death we take dreams

somewhere in our cells scattered loose

through the years, dreams we choose

to feed our souls and become a light,

and maybe in death to shine the way

by dreams we take to eternal night

and shape a heavens that we pray

becomes in death a life of dreams.






Oh, how the flame not so bright

flickers softly through the night

in the warm of late May Spring

understanding all shall pass

when to life I’ll strongly cling.


And then think how to surpass

while I slowly raise the glass

dreams I weaved left unclaimed

none to see none to behold

while in wine I sooth the pain.


What I have I cannot hold

all was left out in the cold

and a flame that was so bright

flickers softly through the night.







One last look, the fading of dreams come morning

dissipates in the light where shadows forming

at night bring fears- not enough time to learn

the meaning, things past, holding on to the yearn

of new love, and a touch, and a kiss, and goodbyes.

One last look, understanding the truth behind lies

reflected an image conceived in the darkness

for in blindness, closed eyes can bring sharpness

to the heart, to the mind of a tired old soul.

Once was young, now I’m old, sometimes cold

wraps the heart stripping hope for new day

when my dreams slowly fade and won’t stay.

One last look, for the love always hide in plain sight

blindness set on a distance, nights incite,

lost in dreams dissipating in light.



Another Day


Another Day


Wrapped in the warm of today

slowly dropping life’s bread crumbs

to return another day

if coldness finds me once more.

And approaching distant shore

every step I take becomes

easier with the right direction

as I set sail again and again

if how does not matter but when

I will reach my destination.







Handful of scraps,

broken pieces,

erased images of sin

leftover in every cycle

of regressing.

Where do I begin

or where do I end?

Always fall in the traps

left scattered

across the skin

heavy with desires.

Heaven’s doors mend

if burned in the fires

of humanity-

My reality,

a cycle,

Where do I begin

or where do I end?



Walk Alone


Walk Alone


Will I have the courage for my life sustain

if my hope grows thin and the sunsets fear?

Let me walk alone when I’m set and done-

Would you hold me dear?

Whisper me some courage so I may begin

sing me a lullaby with the softest voice

when I go to sleep so I may rejoice

in my final moment, let me entertain

an eternal life if my hope grows thin

then I’ll walk alone when I’m set and done-




“He who doesn’t fear death dies only once.” ~Giovanni Falcone





I wander in search of a better self-

spirit broken but redeemed every sunrise

for every night I dwell on sins

of past and present,

but every morning I wake and rise

and life begins.

No answers left in dreams but how I try

when visit every place

and every night

the searching leaves a trace

to follow in my search for better self.






Have I ever found you and then lost you again?

But moments seem distant, blurry

brainwashed emotions lingering late at night

with three glasses of red mellowing what might

a better night to be, only if I hurry

and scribble down the lines.

Have I ever lost you and then found you again?

Then here is November in Spanish noviembre,

time passes quickly and then others die

but were left behind in another life

that I won’t remember for fear of the pain.

Let me face my winters, another diciembre

then let’s celebrate yet another year

with more to remember and more to forget.

Have I ever lost you and then lost you again?