Embraced by the greatness of blue I welcome you

to possess me like a creature borne

in the depths of the unknown, I belong if I knew

how and when I was part of the beauty you shown-

Take my fears for I know you and to fear I cannot

in the freedom you offer and being known

that your fury can break worlds apart

but your songs by the shore sooth my soul

and when done all exhausted and old

I will follow the beats of your heart-


“Ocean, n. A body of water occupying about two-thirds of a world made for man — who has no gills.”― Ambrose Bierce, The Unabridged Devil’s Dictionary


Dancing in the Rain


Dancing in the Rain


What awaits such delights choosing well

among choices we have to dispel,

choosing life for what it is, not what could,

deep inside must we learn it is good

and enjoy every taste, every smell-


Bucket lists won’t exist if we are done

as we erase or we take, then add some

until hearts learn to beat every morning

and not wasting a gift with conforming

with a little of something or just none.


So I say let’s forget all the misery and pain

and choose life as the goal to attain,

why must wait for the storm just to pass

when we can all the happiness have

if we learn how to dance in the rain.





Let the loud music fill the room

a rhythmic beat of drums and saxophone

drowning the voices, drowning the voices.

I dance to the beat singing a song

but I can’t dance and I can’t sing

Closing my eyes I let it all sip in

through the open pores of my skin.

It is a good day I presume

finding myself dancing and singing a tune

but I can’t dance and I can’t sing.

Just messing around in a Sunday afternoon while cooking some good rice with chicken and pinto beans.