The Curse


The Curse


I live my life in between twenty-eight days

when everything I am disappears in a daze

 vicious cycle in the cursed transformation

that makes living my life pure damnation.


Oh how I dread that night of full moon

with silver the only fear I’m not immune

when nothing else would take my life

bullets will not do neither a sharp knife.


But pain I feel in every bone and in my skin

with silver light transforming all within

and howl I must when I feel a call of wild

with every cell into a new life compiled.


Run, I run through woods away from all

escaping the insanity of a need to maul

beating flesh for a sweet taste of blood

while trashing though the grass and mud.


There is no end to this cursed existence

and with every life I take without resistance

I curse myself into another night of hell

hoping for a silver bullet to end the spell.





When light fades in the horizon and darkness takes its place,

I slowly stir awake to face the realities of my life with grace.

Is it life as we call it or something else undefined?

a reality of eternal dreams that are not quite mine,

wings of desire for a sweet drug that calls my name,

and resist I try with promises of punishment in vain

as I fly away in search of the one promised for tonight

to satisfy the hunger that in me causes much fright.


It softly calls me there with soft tones of anticipation

as I hear her steps pacing a heart that is my salvation.

A haunting aroma of sweat reveals the perfect match

leaving a trail that entices me to blindly follow and catch,

what was promised to me when I became this

and I am able to save or condemn with a kiss.


As I drink from her sweet elixir calming my hunger

and looking at her face in the moonlight I wonder,

If her tears carry a plea for life and salvation

as her limp body in my arms becomes my damnation.


When the light stirs again in the horizon as night fades

I seek the comfort of shadows that has become my fate,

and waiting for the night I lay quietly in slumber

as prepared I must be to satisfy my hunger.


HO June 2012

This is something I wrote a few years back and re-posting today to celebrate Halloween. Hope you all indulge in all the sweets tonigh have to offer. 🙂