Love More, Worry Less



Love More, Worry Less


Our worries consuming lives

intermissions of love in our daily play,

not enough love, too much worry,

too late at times to say sorry-

Sorry I wasted my life lost in lies

of being, on my way lost.

Sorry I let you go way back

when I ran stray.

Sorry I didn’t know the cost

of loving and letting go.

Sorry for years gone

past my door.

But there is no right or wrong

sorry does not mean we owe

a life of perdition,

so worry less and love more-



Happiness Reserved


Happiness Reserved


Sometimes I feel happiness is reserved

for non-broken souls, and I see you searching

in places unknown, waiting to be served

at the table, every time you are flirting

between life and death, in the broken parts

searching for what’s lost

when you go on hurting,

better yet prepare for whatever cost

if happiness is reserved for non-broken hearts.