Composite image of champagne glasses clinking



Oh how we mark time with heartbeats

and regrets of a passing old year

a recycle of life, a renewal of hope

as we learn how to be

and we cope, and we cope…

And what’s left all behind on the sand

but a set of footprints,

some are clear

and then others erased by the waves,

some alone

and then others stand

side by side with familiar imprints

of the ones dearly loved.

And in counting the beats of our hearts

we pause briefly on graves

with unfinished tombstones

and realize after all there is an end

to the struggles in life, and the pain

it bestowed on this flesh

which we carefully tend-

So let’s welcome the unknowns

and the vast possibilities, to ascertain

all the reasons to smile and to love

between every heartbeat-

And I welcome the new that will come

with the passing of years

without knowing how long it will take

for my name to be spelled on the stones,

with a smile I will face the sunrise

and grow hope in the midst of my fears-


Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering ‘it will be happier’…”
― Alfred Tennyson






It is sad how life changes, emotions dwindle

as the light of passion with the years subside-

And I try to hold on, something must be worth

to keep tucked away when it’s cold outside

and loneliness grabs on, something left to spindle

in the everyday that was left from life-

Moving on it’s easier if there’s a place to go

and fresh ground to sow seeds we never scattered,

hoping maybe passion finds a place to rise

and in late Spring blooming our dreams left shattered

into something new may then sprout and grow.



“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

― Robert Louis Stevenson



Life Hope Love


There is a center of life in the palm of my hand

where I held many dreams

with my fingers recounting everything ever want.

And I see beneath skin in the red of the streams

all the reasons to smile

and the things to revile

for my life I will hold in the palm of my hand.


There is a center of hope in the brown of my eyes

where I saw all my dreams

in the blueness reflected from the wide open skies.

And in freedom I found I could spread open wings

with a reason to fly

or to whittle and die

for my hope I will hold in the brown of my eyes.


There is a center of love in the midst of my heart

where I grew all my dreams

in a heartbeat of lovers that one day broke me apart.

And in loss I found life that was lost in the extremes

with a reason to go

and desire to grow

for the love I will hold in the midst of my heart.



March 15, 2016