Drift Away


Drift Away


It is easy to let go and drift away

unnoticed, no marks left on the bark

of the old tree, like a life forming rings

through the seasons of time.

In the shadows dissolve, nothing mine

to hold on, nothing gets on the way

if I want to just fade,

to let go while alone drift away-



“We keep drifting till we see light. Seldom do we realize that the light was always there!”
Avijeet Das

Heaven’s Dreams


Heaven’s Dreams


I wonder if in death we take dreams

somewhere in our cells scattered loose

through the years, dreams we choose

to feed our souls and become a light,

and maybe in death to shine the way

by dreams we take to eternal night

and shape a heavens that we pray

becomes in death a life of dreams.


Love or Loss

life quote

Love or Loss

Is not love but loss that breaks a heart

the passing lives that leave their mark

the empty space in which we dwell

when castles built will break apart

and someone else will say farewell.


They leave behind from love a taste

when lives depart in such a haste

and keep us lost in empty rooms

we fill with ghosts later embraced

to walk alone among the tombs.


It’s what we lost that stains the soul

and does not fade when we get old

but sticks to skin so frail and scarred,

when love can make two parts a whole

 not love but loss will break a heart.


Painted Mirrors


Painted Mirrors


Oh reflections of doomed, bodies rot

while adverting the eyes

and the lies, and the lies

Grant me freedom gods of lure

from the chains of desires!

Let me look past the mirrors,

past the flesh and endure

for a while,

time forgot

and left me back with the liars

that reflected the lies,

was it me? I am guilty of much more

and was guilty before

in the mirrors, in the mirrors.






Don’t you see? I’m done, fini, no more of this or that

of chasing dreams or chased in dreams –we call nightmares.

I’m done rehearsing for a dance that danced away

and left me undone – nobody cares

if rainbows shine after the rain,

if clouds have shapes or trees do sway

with tunes we ignore – since deaf we are.

I’m done with love that hides away

the wasted times in search for more

and always wanting to return – what was before

for nothing matters, nothing stay-

I’m done with all, with this or that

with many things I tried to be

but not with life or life with me.






Oh, how the flame not so bright

flickers softly through the night

in the warm of late May Spring

understanding all shall pass

when to life I’ll strongly cling.


And then think how to surpass

while I slowly raise the glass

dreams I weaved left unclaimed

none to see none to behold

while in wine I sooth the pain.


What I have I cannot hold

all was left out in the cold

and a flame that was so bright

flickers softly through the night.







One last look, the fading of dreams come morning

dissipates in the light where shadows forming

at night bring fears- not enough time to learn

the meaning, things past, holding on to the yearn

of new love, and a touch, and a kiss, and goodbyes.

One last look, understanding the truth behind lies

reflected an image conceived in the darkness

for in blindness, closed eyes can bring sharpness

to the heart, to the mind of a tired old soul.

Once was young, now I’m old, sometimes cold

wraps the heart stripping hope for new day

when my dreams slowly fade and won’t stay.

One last look, for the love always hide in plain sight

blindness set on a distance, nights incite,

lost in dreams dissipating in light.







I said goodbye more times than I said hello

sometimes left behind something

always took with me something.

And I fed the memories

at night before sleep hoping to dream

of what I left behind

and in the morning’s beam

I would dust the memories

and would say hello.

But the holding on couldn’t go forever

so I said goodbye

and in the morning’s beam

never said hello.