Composite image of champagne glasses clinking



Oh how we mark time with heartbeats

and regrets of a passing old year

a recycle of life, a renewal of hope

as we learn how to be

and we cope, and we cope…

And what’s left all behind on the sand

but a set of footprints,

some are clear

and then others erased by the waves,

some alone

and then others stand

side by side with familiar imprints

of the ones dearly loved.

And in counting the beats of our hearts

we pause briefly on graves

with unfinished tombstones

and realize after all there is an end

to the struggles in life, and the pain

it bestowed on this flesh

which we carefully tend-

So let’s welcome the unknowns

and the vast possibilities, to ascertain

all the reasons to smile and to love

between every heartbeat-

And I welcome the new that will come

with the passing of years

without knowing how long it will take

for my name to be spelled on the stones,

with a smile I will face the sunrise

and grow hope in the midst of my fears-


Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering ‘it will be happier’…”
― Alfred Tennyson






Here is one last thing, one last day, one last hour

a  passing of time like sands of my life too shall pass

with a final attempt holding on to my dreams

getting blown in the sky on the night of year’s eve.

Shall we raise one more glass to forget what it was?

Maybe once to remember what we are leaving behind

what we search in our lives but we never can find

so we drink once again when tonight be the last

and no tears to regret how the years fade so fast.

Cheers! to all and for all may you find love in time.


December 31, 2016