New Nest



New Nest


Finding a new nest a challenge to be

  my expensive dreams turned to resignation-

Trapped in the claws of the tax man

I search and I search like a honeybee

what a tedious task and so much frustration

in a seller’s market and all such a scam

an inflating bubble or consumer’s trap

leaving me exhausted and ready for a nap…

I will try again and secure my rate

finding a new nest in this housing rape-


“A bird in a nest is secure, but that is not why God gave it wings.”― Matshona Dhliwayo

Looking for a new home. I have been renting for almost five years since my divorced and now that I have to move I found out I can pay less for a mortgage than to rent a house. It is just me and my daughter who is on the way to another college where she plans to move with the boyfriend by December. After that,  I’ll have a nice nest for myself and my ghosts-