With eyes close my vision becomes clear,

deeper understanding of my reality

and acceptance of my mortality

as the end of my journey gets near,

but not letting go of newly found pleasure

bind to life a little longer is what I treasure.


Not a fool but a dreamer I have become

refusing to let go of the only thing that is real

as heavens fool’s gold and hell I have no fear

when everything I love will be done,

facing up to my mortality only when I’m ready,

but not yet, as living my life becomes steady.


With eyes close I can see more than ever,

transient lives deeply brushing my senses

and unwillingness to let go of defenses,

once we go, don’t we go forever?

Too many things cause me such dismay

when eyes closed reality entices me to stay.


H.O. 9/27/13

PIC- Marlene Dumas The Blindfolded Man, 2007
Oil on canvas

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